2017 Candidates for Pullman City Council & School Board Answer Our Questions

On September 18, Palouse ProActive invited all candidates running for Pullman City Council and School Board to respond to a set of questions about Pullman.  On October 7, you will be able to click on a candidate’s name to read their responses. If a candidate’s name does not have a hyperlink attached to it, they chose not to respond to our questionnaire.

If a candidate has a campaign-related webpage or Facebook page, we have included a link to it behind his or her name.

Pullman City Council 2, Ward 2: 

Records, Dan  (webpage, Facebook)

Shannon, Garren (Facebook)

Pullman City Council 5, Ward 3:

Chapman, Brandon (webpage, Facebook)

Hawbaker, Jeff (webpage)

Pullman City Council 7, Ward 1:

Fejeran, Eric (Facebook)

Sorenson, Al (webpage, Facebook)

Pullman School District, Director District 4:

Johanson, Karl  (webpage, Facebook)

Roberts, Nathan (Facebook)

Pullman School District, Director District 5:

Kinzer, Dean

Tanner, Amanda (Facebook)

Pullman voters will have a chance to vote on two bonds in this election cycle.  Read more about these in the Whitman County Voters Guide.