2017 Candidates for Moscow Public Office Answer Our Questions

On October 1, Palouse ProActive invited all candidates running for Moscow City Council and mayor to respond to a set of questions about Moscow.  On October 19, you will be able to click on a candidate’s name to read their responses. If a candidate’s name does not have a hyperlink attached to it, they chose not to respond to our questionnaire.

If a candidate has a campaign-related webpage or Facebook page, we have included a link to it behind his or her name.

Moscow Mayor:

Bill Lambert (webpage, Facebook)

Linda Pall (Facebook)

Moscow City Council, 4-year position:

Art Bettge (webpage, Facebook)

Robb Parish

Walter Steed (webpage, Facebook)

Brandy Sullivan (webpage, Facebook)

Gina Taruscio (webpage, Facebook)

Moscow City Council, 2-year position:

John Weber (webpage)

Anne Zabala (webpage, Facebook)