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We serve as an information clearinghouse to educate about legislation and issues that affect our community, state, and nation, with a focus on information and media literacy.

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Contacting elected officials:

How do I call my representative?

How do I talk to Congress?

How else can I successfully contact my elected official?

How can I get an app that allows me to easily connect my representatives?

How do I know who my elected officials are?

How do I know which city council ward I live in (Pullman, WA)?

Voting and registering to vote:

How do I register to vote: in WA? in ID?

How do I know my voting rights?

How do I check my WA state voter registration status?

Learning about government:

How do I research and track Congressional legislation, bills, committee activities, and voting records?

How can I be notified when the president signs a bill into law, or when a bill is introduced that covers something I am interested in?

How do I track the decisions made by my elected officials on issues important to me?

How do I track the policy actions of the president? 

How do I understand how the local/state/national government works?

How do I figure out who is on the Moscow city council?  Pullman city council?

How do I circulate a petition about an initiative or referendum:  in WA?  in ID?

How do I learn about the presidential election process?

Running for Local Office:

Sample Declaration and Petition of Candidacy - Latah County (PDF)

Candidate Filing Instructions - Whitman County (PDF)

Get On Board: Guide to School Board Tasks and Running for Board (PDF)


How do I spot "fake" news?

How do I find a list of known "fake" news outlets?

        How do I write a letter to the editor of the Daily News?

How do I write an effective letter to the editor?

Diversity and Equity

How do I  learn about the religions that others practice?

How do I learn about equity and diversity initiatives: at the University of Idaho?  at WSU?

How do I join an interfaith organization and learn how to teach mutual respect?


How do I find volunteer opportunities on the Palouse?

How do I find more volunteer opportunities on the Palouse?

How do I volunteer with Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse?

How do I network with neighbors in Pullman? in Moscow?

How do I help develop a collective vision for the Pullman community?  How do I learn about the related efforts for Pullman's future? 


See the presentation on "CIVICS 101," a workshop on January 19, 2017, to assist participants from all political persuasions in strengthening their skills for interacting with legislators on issues of concern. The workshop also describes general Washington local and state government structures. Sponsored by a coalition of the Young Democrats of WSU, the Whitman County Democrats, the Green Party of the Palouse, and Palouse ProActive.

Contacting Your State Legislators - A guide to connecting with state government (PDF)

Get On Board: Guide to School Board Tasks and Running for Board (PDF)


Confused about some of the ways Planned Parenthood provides health services?  Read about the services the organization provides to WA residents, how federal cuts to the organization might impact WA state (Congressional District 5), and a message map to help you make sense of things. 


See a list of the 2017 candidates who have filed to run for office in Whitman County.  The listing contains contact information for all candidates. 

To locate what Pullman City Council Ward you live in, look here.

Running for Local Office

Includes materials from the April 2017 Palouse ProActive workshop

Latah County:

Consolidation Election Schedules Idaho 2017 (PDF)

How to Get Involved in Local Government Notes from Spring 2017 Workshop (PDF)

Sample Declaration and Petition of Candidacy Latah County (PDF)

Whitman County:

Open Pullman Committees (PDF)

Whitman County Open Elections (PDF)

Candidate Filing Instructions (PDF)

Get On Board: Guide to School Board Tasks and Running for Board (PDF)